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In this section we plan to show you how to program the LEDmePlay®. We will gradually add content in the future.

Development Template

A good start to develop a program for the LEDmePlay® is to use our development template. It contains all required declarations and initializations (for graphics and sounds) and some helpful methods (e.g. for the joystick). You can start to develop your own program in the loop-method. Do not forget to include additionally the AdafruitGFXLibraryMaster and the RGBMatrixPanelMaster library as descibed in the construction manual.

Development Tools

Here we provide applications which support development:
LEDmePlay® Draw, a paint program that allows you to create graphics for the LEDmePlay®.
Wall'n'Ball Edit is a playfield editor for the LEDmePlay® breakout-style game Wall'n'Ball.