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The story

AMOK is a variation on the classic Arcade game Berzerk, but with some additional quirks. You awoke in a maze with 52 rooms. Johann, a nasty but cowardly ruler, will not tolerate your presence there. His robots are deadly. Before you know it, they have closed in on you. Outrun the lazer beams. Collect keys to open doors. Pick up a gun for ten shots. Survive and kill Johann!


Start screen

Game play

Game play

Game play

Game play



Watch the gameplay of Amok on our YouTube channel.


Link to the source code: AMOK_LEDmePlay_V1_7_0.ino
Amok requires the Timer Library V1.3 which must be copied to the Arduino directory on your computer. The path is something as C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\libraries.


The solution is to use the older Version (1.3) of the timer-lib, with it the sketch compiles correct!
Posted: 2018-12-23, 12:34:40

There is a problem with the Timer-lib. In Arduino and in AtmelStudio I get multiple errors like I:\Eigene Dokumente\Arduino\libraries\Timer-2.1/Timer.h:41:10: note: candidate expects 4 arguments, 2 provided SayCheeze_LEDmePlay_V1_1_0:761:32: error: no matching function for call to 'Timer::every(int, void (&)())' timer.every(110, steerPlayers); // Poll the joysticks Dont find any mistake ( but Im coming from thre "C-world" ). The lib is found: Mehrere Bibliotheken wurden fr "Timer.h" gefunden Benutzt: I:\Eigene Dokumente\Arduino\libraries\Timer-2.1 peter
Posted: 2018-11-30, 11:47:53

Thomas L.
A new version of AMOK is online now. I fixed several bugs. You may touch the walls now. Although simplified, the game remains challenging.
Posted: 2017-12-02, 12:51:46

Dear Christian and Thorsten, I am sorry for the faulty version of AMOK! There seems to be a clash with the different versions of the Arduino IDE. I am busy with other things right now, but I hope to fix AMOK in the months to come. Thank youi for your patience. Best, Thomas
Posted: 2017-09-23, 10:07:44

There are several unresolved symbols like initArrays(), controlBaddies(), ... But they are there, I think you have to define them before using or define prototype at the beginnig of the Source.
Posted: 2017-09-06, 14:45:02

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