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The story

Pacer is heavily inspired by the famous arcade game Pac-Man published by Namco in 1980. Eat all pills in the maze, but beware of the baddies! You begin with 5 lives. Collect 5 bonus items in order to get an additional life. Eating an orange pill temporarily allows you to catch the baddies. They turn blue and flee from you. If you catch one, he roams around harmlessly until he has arrived at his initial position. The baddies have different personalities. The orange baddie is phlegmatic. The pink baddie is brash. The green baddie is capricious. The red baddie is sedate. Both you and the baddies can use the passages leading from one side of the maze to the opposite side. A joystick button press allows you to jump into the next maze. After the last maze the game starts over with the first maze, but with increased difficulty (speed, interval between bonus items etc.).


Start screen

Game play

Game play

Game play

Game play

Game play


Watch the gameplay of Pacer on our YouTube channel.


Link to the source code: Pacer_LEDmePlay_V1_1_0.ino
Pacer requires the Timer Library V1.3 which must be copied to the Arduino directory on your computer. The path is something as C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\libraries.


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