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Infinity Mirror

An infinity mirror integrates an LED strip, a plain mirror and a glass plate to create a spatial depth effect. The principle is similar to that causing the effect you see if you stand between mirrors facing each other. Such an installation effectively lets you catch a glimpse of infinity. An infinity mirror uses a mirror as the back panel and the glass plate as the second mirror. The LED strip is mounted in-between mirror and glass plate. A part of the light emitted from the LEDs is reflected from the glass plate to the mirror and paces around. That one not reflected by the glass plate creates the visible depth effect since part of it has been reflected several times. If you put it on the wall, it opens a window into the deep. Our infinity mirror project was inspired by several (sometimes much more complex) examples we have watched on YouTube. We control the LED strip by an Arduino UNO which allows to program several stunning light programs that fit to the dimensions of the mirror. By using two push buttons, it is possible to switch between the programs and between variants of each program. Furthermore, a random program has been realized that automatically switches the effect after several seconds. Check the construction manual if you want to build your own infinity mirror. Code for the Arduino is available.



Our Infinity Mirror on YouTube


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