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The story

In October 2014 space probe Cassini orbiting the Saturn detected strong libration of the moon Mimas. The first assumption was the presence of a sub-surface ocean causing the shaking of the moon. Additional observations in the following years seemed to confirm the first observations. ESA and NASA decided to send a new space probe to the Saturn system. This probe contained a penetrator to break the moon´s surface and uncover its innards. The mission was successful. Liquid water was detected. However, short time later things went insane. The moon´s surface heated up from within and a strong cryovolcanism started. Parts of the surface became covered with water just within a year. But this was just the beginning. In the equatorial plane the heat-up was even stronger. Jets of hot gases ejected into space like a gigantic rocket engine. The scientific world was completely mystified. The outburst increased and something happened never even thought of before. Mimas left the Saturn orbit and started to move into the inner solar system ... towards the Earth. The last things the Mimas probe recognized were several smaller objects leaving the moon´s surface and coming closer. Then the connection broke. Mankind fell into panic.

Quickly launched observation probes uncovered the truth. It seemed that the moon Mimas was turned into a battle star by an alien civilization armed with numerous defense systems. Everything coming too close to the moon was destroyed immediately. Obviously, the penetrator mission was misinterpreted as an act of war? While crossing the path of Mars a severe energy flash emerging from the centre of the Herschel crater destroyed moon Phobos ... a weapon that could even destroy an entire planet. All attempts to communicate with the intelligence controlling Mimas were without results. It is coming closer and closer to the Earth. Will Mimas destroy it? The governments of the earth decide to attack the battle star. The only hope is an experimental one-man fighter which is able to fly into the inside of Mimas.

You are the pilot of the fighter. Fly through different levels starting in space, over the surface, into the caves, and to the core. Use the joystick to control your ship and fire at enemies. Collect the blinking power-ups to increase fire power (violet), to temporarily obtain a shield (blue), to destroy all enemies on the screen (green) or to get an extra life (red). Keep the fire button pressed for power shots. Beware of the huge level bosses and destroy the reactor in the core. You start with three lives. Additionally, you will get an extra life every 5000 points. Three modes of difficulty are selectable.


Start screen


Level boss



The core


Watch the gameplay of Mimas on our YouTube channel.


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