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The story

You are a new-rich whippersnapper and you pass the time of your meaningless life competing with likeminded coke heads in illegal car racing across Europe. Start the engine of your bad-ass muscle car and hit the gas.
Control the car with the joystick: Steer by moving it left and right, accelerate by pushing forward and pull back for the brake. Before the race starts, you can choose between automatic ("Auto") for rookies and manual gear shifting ("Manu") for real cracks. You can shift between a low and a high gear by using the fire button, indicated by the letters "L"/"H" in the upper-left corner.
There are three different game modes you can select: In RACE mode you have to end the race amongst the top 3 to reach the next more challenging race. In TIME mode you can race against the clock. It is mainly for practicing and you can select those tracks you have already reached in RACE mode. In LINK mode you can compete with a friend if you connect two LEDmePlay via the X-link cable. The player starting the mode first can select the track. The race starts if the other player joins.

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