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The story

You are a new-rich whippersnapper and you pass the time of your meaningless life competing with likeminded coke heads in illegal car racing across Europe. Start the engine of your bad-ass muscle car and hit the gas.

Control the car with the joystick: Steer by moving it left and right, accelerate by pushing forward and pull back for the brake. If you use the LEDmePlay® Joypad or a LEDmePlayBoy you can enjoy real analog control of your car. Before the race starts, you can choose between automatic ("Auto") for rookies and manual gear shifting ("Manu") for real cracks. You can shift between a low and a high gear by using the fire button, indicated by the letters "L"/"H" in the upper-left corner.

There are three different game modes: In RACE mode you have to end the race amongst the top 3 to reach the next country for a more challenging race. In TIME mode you race against the clock. It is mainly for practicing. In LINK mode you compete with a friend if you connect two LEDmePlays via X-link. The player who enters the mode first can select the track. The race starts when the other player joins.


Grand Tour

Grand Tour

Grand Tour

Grand Tour

Grand Tour

Grand Tour


Watch the gameplay of Grand Tour on our YouTube channel.


Link to the source code:
Grand Tour requires the Timer Library V1.3 which must be copied to the Arduino directory on your computer. The path is something as C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\libraries.


評論: 您好,謝謝您的分享,我已經下戴(zip),組裝完成,我和兒子一起玩,也喜歡這個遊戲,我建立新的3D打印外殼,裝在一起,在此我非常感謝作者,祝福你們生活愉快,心想事成,我使用LED P4的尺寸128mm*128mm,也建立一個3D打印殻STL(含上/下殻),誰要索取我免費發給您,我的電子郵件 Hello thank you for sharing Ihave put it download (zip) and assembled it I play with my son and like this game I built a new 3D printed shell and put it together I am very grateful to the author and wish you all the best in your life. Happy all your wishes come true I use LED P4 size 128mm*128mm and also build a 3D printed shell STL (including upper/lower shell) whoever wants to request it I will send it to you for free my email: pingsinocs@gmail. com
Posted: 2024-05-02, 04:01:32

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