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Rebel agents have looted a core memory crystal with important information on structures and defensive fortifications of the enslaving galactic empire. You are pilot of an experimental one-person star fighter and on your most challenging mission: Protect the freighter that transports the memory crystal from the inmost planet of the empire's capital system Vega to the outer rim to meet the rebel fleet and to deliver the decisive information. The gaunt galactic emperor has installed switch lines on your way through the system to stop you from your plan.

There are different game modes. If you select "Story", you can play the game as described and support the escape from Vega. There are different paths with different levels of difficulty for long-term motivation. After a battle you can select the next planet by using LEFT/RIGHT directions and FIRE. Hint: The right way is always more challenging than the left way. Overall, there are 4 different paths to try. In "Melee" you can select up to 8 opponents to fight against for training. Note: You can only select standard fighters and bombers. There are additional ships in the game like powerful corvettes and destroyers.

After you have started from the docking bay you are in space. Multiple displays inform you on the status of your ship: The RED bar shows shield energy, the BLUE bar shows energy for extra thrust, and the YELLOW bar shows energy for your plasma guns. The WHITE display gives information on the number of remaining guided missiles. You start every battle with 5 missiles. In the middle you see the most important instrument: The radar screen which gives you a 360-degree view. The yellow dot shows the position of Vega, the blue of the nearby planet. White dots are the enemy ships. Turquoise dots show incoming missiles. In such a situation there is also an alarm sound and you have to try to evade the missile. Around every planet you will meet multiple waves of enemies you have to defeat. Use your cross-hair to aim. If you keep an enemy for a few seconds in the middle, the cross-hair becomes red which means target locked. In this case you can fire a guided missile.

To control your fighter, use the LEDmePlay® Joypad. Press A to fire plasma guns. Press B for extra thrust. Press A and B together to fire a missile if target is locked. Alternatively, you can also use 2 standard joysticks. Use joystick 1 to control the fighter and the fire button for the plasma guns. Direction UP on joystick 2 is used for extra thrust. Direction DOWN on joystick 2 fires a missile if target is locked.









Watch the gameplay of Vega Wars on our YouTube channel.


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