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The story

Kenny wants to marry his girlfriend Lucy. In order to make the ultimate proposal, he wants to give her the most beautiful engagement ring of all times. To get the diamonds for the ring, he climbs down into the depth of Scrullut, an old mine abandoned in ancient times. The paths are endued with traps and strange creatures seeking for Kenny´s life. Use the joystick to control Kenny and collect all diamonds to get to the next stage. Use the firebutton to jump. The length of pressing influences the jump height. Pull the joystick down to duck. Kenny starts with three lives. Collect the special red diamonds for an extra life.


Start screen

Game play

Game play

Game play

Game play

Game play

Watch the gameplay of Keen Kenny on our YouTube channel.


New version 1.0.1: Color problem with newer Adafruit libraries fixed
Link to the source code for LEDmePlay: KeenKenny_LEDmePlay_V1_0_1.ino
Link to the source code for LEDmePlayBoy: KeenKenny_LEDmePlayBoy_V1_0_1.ino


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