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ILoveMyJuno2 - MIDI editor for the Roland αJuno synthesizers

Author: Thomas Laubach

Description: A MIDI SysEx editor for the Roland αJuno range of synthesizers that was developed using the Eclipse IDE with Java SDK 7 and the AWT/Swing API

The editor allows a user to adjust all MIDI controllable parameters of an attached Roland αJuno synthesizer by means of System Exclusive messages. The graphical presentation of the program is unusual in a way that the widgets and all fonts are suitably large to be interacted with from a distance. The editor offers a movable widget (that inherits from JPanel) for each parameter. The envelope gets displayed dynamically within its own widget. Additionally, the program offers a static representation of the signal flow within the instrument and a on-screen keyboard.

The Bulk Dump/Receive functionality and the sound librarian are not yet completed. The program is a work-in-progress. The patch names displayed in the selection box do not correspond to the patch names currently used by the synthesizer. The main method resides in ILoveMyAJuno/src/main/

Link to the source code:
ILoveMyJuno2 is published under the GNU Public License v2.

ILoveMyJuno2 - MIDI SysEx editor for the Roland ΑJuno range of synthesizers (Java)


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