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Gigapede is the LEDmePlay variant of the famous arcade game classic Centipede: Equipped with your heavy rail gun to defend yourself from vermins, you are in a deadly garden with colorful toadstools. Eliminate all centipede segments to reach the next level. If you shoot a segment, the centipede breaks into smaller sections which wind themselves down the screen. Avoid collisions with the other nasty invertebrates. Beware of the bugs that drop new mushrooms while the spiders and the mighty dragonflies try to whack you. Play alone or with your mate in two player mode (LEDmePlay only) for high score and extra lives. Different levels of difficulty are selectable.


LEDmePlay with two joysticks running Gigapede

Game play

Game play

Game play

Game play

Game play


Watch the gameplay of Gigapede on our YouTube channel.


Link to the source code: Gigapede_LEDmePlay_V1_1_0.ino


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